Considerations – Social Issues of Our Time

Every era in human history and every society in every civilization has had social issues to deal with and specific things which were unique to the time and in the present period in The United States of America there is no exception to that truth. Indeed with the advent of the Internet the dynamics of society and human interaction has changed vastly. Recently we have witnessed a paradigm shift with online social networks such as Facebook and self-expression through the sharing of online videos, articles and digital pictures on some of the Internets most high-trafficked websites.

All these changes, new technologies and human interaction choices are evolving at a faster rate than ever before and with it so to is humankind’s civilization, societies and social issues. The automobile, radio, television all changed the social issues of their day and the way humans socialized. The Internet has once again changed the way we work, play and socialize. The COVID-19 pandemic situation also changed and is changing everything. One has to wonder what tomorrow might bring with perhaps artificially intelligent robotic house robots, smart appliances and Virtual Reality living rooms?

All these technologies change the way we live and think and the perceptions we have, nevertheless mankind is a social animal and thus the social issues must of our time must be discussed, considered and duly recorded. What will history say about this era in future periods and how might they compare it to recent past periods? In this book we will discuss many of the social issues, politics and pop-culture that defines this era.

We should all reflect on the political correctness, trends and potential outcomes these will have on our society, civilization and nation moving forward.